4 Ways to Combat Senior Loneliness

Now that the twinkle and tradition of the holiday season are over, it is common for seniors living at home alone to begin feeling extra lonely. When you add in the winter weather, keeping many older adults indoors for longer periods of time than in other seasons, it is easy to see how even the most active seniors can be vulnerable to depression and feelings of loneliness.

If you have a senior loved one who lives at home alone, or if you are an older adult who is feeling the strain of this winter more acutely this year, we have a few of our expert tips that will combat loneliness. Even better, our tips can be used any time of year, whenever you are feeling loneliness creep in.

Check Your Local Senior Center

Here in the Washington, D.C. area, older adults have various ways of connecting with a senior center near them. These social hubs are an excellent place to shake off the loneliness of winter. Most offer meals for visitors and activities or events designed to get seniors socializing. Make a new friend or plan to meet a neighbor at one of the scheduled activities that interest you.

Worried about transportation to the senior center of your choice? Call the team at CaringGivers – we can get you there and back safely and reliably.

Use Technology

When you feel lonely, the best way to connect with someone you love is to pick up the phone. Having a chat with a family member or friend, whether they live down the street or across the country, can go a long way in pushing back winter blues. This season, try upping your connection game by taking advantage of technology to video chat with your favorite people. Try using Skype, Facebook Messenger, or FaceTime to see and hear how your loved ones are doing.

Not sure about using technology? Our CaringGivers team can help you connect with your loved one during our visits to your home.

Schedule Socialization

The winter season makes us all want to hibernate and stay cozy in our homes. However, seniors who live alone can quickly fall into isolation this way, which can increase cognitive decline. Resist the urge to hibernate and isolate too much by scheduling socialization on your calendar. Set routines, like calling your daughter at 7pm every Wednesday or having coffee with your neighbor down the hall every Tuesday morning. Then, put these social dates on your calendar before seeing where gaps could be. If you aren’t connecting with someone at least 4 times per week, you are at risk of feeling lonely.

Invest in Companionship

A friendly face visiting consistently can combat loneliness in any season.

The CaringGivers team offers a variety of services right inside the home. One of these services is simple (yet quite effective) companionship. If you are lonely, or worried about a senior loved one feeling lonely this time of year, a visiting caregiver from CaringGivers a few times per week for a few hours can go a long way to increase mental and physical health.

Our caregivers are passionate about forming meaningful relationships with our clients. Companionship visits allow us to not only check-in on seniors in their homes, but also allow us to learn more about those we serve and connect with them using personalized interventions. Whether we enjoy a cup of coffee and conversation, take a neighborhood walk while bundled up for the weather, or play a game, our companionship visits are successful because our caregivers are friendly and ready to serve.

Call our office today to learn more about how our services can keep your senior loved one feeling happy and connected this season, and beyond.

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