How to Choose Home Care Services for Your Loved One

One quick internet search for home care agencies in the Washington, D.C. area can make your head spin. If you are searching for some extra help for your senior loved one who lives at home, or if you are a senior looking for a friendly set of extra hands to offer assistance during your week, it can be overwhelming to see how many home care agencies are out there. 

Many family members and seniors, unfortunately, end up making a poor decision on home care services simply because there are too many choices and not enough reliable information. If you are ready to find a home care agency that will provide exceptional care and services, here are the questions you need to ask.

How Long Have You Been in Business?

Home care agencies can come and go; you can narrow down your search initially by choosing to only move forward with agencies that have been in business for at least five years. Longevity means a lot in the home care industry, and while “young” agencies are not necessarily a bad decision, you are making a more sound investment when you work with an established agency instead.

What Services Do You Offer?

Choose a home care agency in Washington, D.C. by assuring they offer the services you need

Not all home care agencies offer the same services, and you may find the specific services you need aren’t available at every agency you speak with. Take time to consider what your loved one is having challenges with at home, and what services may alleviate those obstacles. Not every senior needs assistance with activities of daily living; in fact, many seniors find great reward when caregivers assist with tasks like meal preparation, transportation, or even just companionship.

Do You Serve My Area?

Be sure that your loved one’s home is within the service area of the agency you are interested in. 

Tell Me About Your Caregivers.

This is an excellent conversation starter where you can not only hear about the caregivers on staff at the agency, but also hear the passion (or lack thereof) for service from the agency representative. You can also use this opportunity to ask about continuing education and training topics that caregivers attend. A commitment to continuing education empowers and inspires caregivers to provide even better service.

What Are Your Pricing Options?

Home care agencies are often affordable, but be sure you are clear on the pricing for services so there are no surprises once you begin working together.

How Will You Choose a Caregiver for My Loved One?

This is an excellent question to see how the agency pairs caregivers with clients, and what they do if there is not a good match. You can also use this time to inquire if the caregiver assisting your loved one will be fairly consistent or if there will be a new caregiver each visit.

Call Us.

The team at CaringGivers would love the opportunity to answer your questions and speak candidly about your loved one’s challenges at home. Our caregivers are outstanding and dedicated to serving seniors throughout the D.C. area. We would love to assess your loved one and develop a plan of care individualized just for them.

Call us today to get started.

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