Providing Family Members with Company and Conversation


The National Institute on Aging reports that an estimated 13.8 million seniors live at home alone. While living at home alone (or with a partner) can sometimes feel lonely, social isolation can be quite dangerous for older adults as well. Feelings of loneliness or isolation have been researched and linked to issues like increased cognitive decline, depression, high blood pressure, heart disease, and more.

If your loved one is living at home alone, they are at an increased risk of isolation, no matter their current health conditions. Companionship services, or home companion care, with CaringGivers can decrease the risk of perceived loneliness and the dangerous consequences that accompany it.

Home Companion Care in Washington, D.C.

The CaringGivers team of experienced caregivers becomes a consistent presence in the lives of our clients. Our friendly faces during visits can make a positive impact on senior health. During our companionship visits, our caregivers and clients may:

  • Play a favorite card game
  • Look at photos and reminisce about favorite memories
  • Help write a letter to a granddaughter in college
  • Take a stroll through the neighborhood
  • Practice range of motion exercises prescribed by the senior’s therapist
  • Garden
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee together
  • Try out the latest crossword puzzle together
  • Learn to use computer and smart phone

We base our interventions on our client preferences and history, so each visit is unique. Our team always aims to create meaningful and real relationships when providing our home companion care services with each of our clients.

Seniors and isolation are a dangerous combination. Give your loved one the gift of friendship with our home companion care services. Call us today to talk more about your loved one and get started with your free consultation.