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The Dementia and Depression Connection

Did you know that undiagnosed depression can sometimes be incorrectly diagnosed as mild cognitive impairment or as early stage dementia? Or, did you know that dementia symptoms can often get worse in the presence of depression? One thing is certain: … Continue reading

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Treating Depression in Older Adults

If your older loved one receives a diagnosis of depression, you’ve already made a significant step to support their mental health. Many seniors who are having depressive symptoms go undiagnosed because they don’t report how they are feeling to their … Continue reading

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Depression in Older Adults

There’s an aging stereotype that you might have experienced: the grouchy or sad older person. While depression and anxiety are not normal signs of aging, it seems like everyone believes that feeling sad just comes along as we get older. … Continue reading

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4 Ways to Combat Senior Loneliness

Now that the twinkle and tradition of the holiday season are over, it is common for seniors living at home alone to begin feeling extra lonely. When you add in the winter weather, keeping many older adults indoors for longer … Continue reading

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Isolation and Seniors: Why It Happens and How to Fix It

Seniors living at home alone are especially vulnerable to the dangers of isolation. Discover the facts about isolation and how to bring the support to your loved one that they need to thrive. Continue reading

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