Get the Extra Help You Need This Season

‘Tis the season for twinkling lights, candles, and sugar cookies. It’s also the season of stress, travel, and feeling stretched too thin. If you are celebrating this holiday season while caring for a senior loved one, you are even more vulnerable to feeling burned out and exhausted this time of year. Fortunately, a little extra help from the experienced team at CaringGivers can keep your stress levels low and even combat your loved one’s feelings of loneliness.

Here’s how we can help make this month one you can slowly and mindfully.

Meal Preparation

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Grandma’s sweet potato pie, but she may not be able to make it this year due to physical or cognitive challenges. The CaringGivers team would be honored to provide the support and encouragement your loved one needs to make that pie to bring to your family dinner. We excel in discovering traditions and providing personalized support to make those traditions come back to life.


Let our caregivers give your loved one a ride to their favorite celebrations

Getting your senior loved one to and from family events, along with holiday celebrations at the senior center or church can be overwhelming for your already busy schedule. We are happy to step in and provide safe transportation and friendly companionship to your loved one. Our help means they can keep up their social calendar without making you go dashing through the snow to make it happen.

Looking Fabulous

Our caregivers are ready to assist your loved one with daily tasks, including getting a bit glamorous for your next family party. We would be honored to provide the assistance and support your loved one needs to look – and feel – their best for any holiday event.

Meaningful Connection

The holidays are festive, but they can also feel awfully lonely for some seniors. Our caregivers are steady companions and friends to each client we serve, creating a connection that lasts well after the gifts have been unwrapped. A friendly visit from one of our team members can go a long way in beating back the holiday blues.

Let’s Get Started

Now is the perfect time to schedule additional support and assistance for your loved one this season. We would be happy to serve you and your family with personalized care. Call our office to get started.

Here’s to a happy holiday for everyone!

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