Emotional support

I cannot say enough great things about Caring Givers.  My aunt was diagnosed with Terminal cancer a year and a half ago.  Living in another city and trying to handle her situation remotely seemed impossible.  From the moment I contacted Caring Givers I felt like everything was completely under control.  My aunt was doing very well until last December and Dee called me and told me that I needed to come and be with her and that she needed full time care and hospice.  I am forever grateful.  He setup full time care for her in her last month and not only were they taking care of her but they also took care of me as watching someone so close to me go through the dying process was painfully hard.  Dee stopped by daily with anything we needed and even brought me dinner. Pam passed away peacefully in January and Dee and Nakita still check in on me almost daily to see how I am doing.  Caring Givers is not only incredibly competent at providing top level care but are also emotionally supportive and the most giving people I have ever met...I love these people so much.
Kendall W.

Peace of mind

CaringGivers has been providing daily care for my mother for more than a year. Mr. Dee and his staff are truly professional.  They contact you promptly if there is a change on personnel for the day.  My mother enjoys her care taker and looks forward to seeing her Monday thru Friday.   I have peace of mind knowing my mom is with someone responsible,  professional and caring.
Donna L.

CaringGivers is apart of our family

Dee and his entire staff of caregivers are amazing!  We have been blessed to have had several of his caregivers care for my elderly mom at different times.   They all have been compassionate, dependable and trustworthy.  My mom feels as if they are a part of our family and if mom is happy, we are happy!
Leslie Hamilton

Forever grateful

I was referred to CaringGivers by a member of the healthcare team that was treating my mom in rehab.  My first interaction with Dee, the owner of the company, was such a positive, reassuring and pleasant experience. At the time I truly felt that I had no help no insight on how to get quality help for my mom. I had other siblings who was there physically, but was not emotionally present in the situation. So all of the stress an maneuvering was done by me. The referral to CaringGivers has definitely relieved some of my stress. I have been able to continue to work full time. Dee and his team are awesome, they have taken my mom to numerous Doctors appointments. Have taken care of her in house as she continued to recover after being discharged from the rehab. I am ever so grateful. My mom is now doing well and remains in her home. Thanks CaringGivers you are a life saver. I feel truly blessed.
Cheryl R.

Peace of mind

Caring Givers has been a blessing for our family need for home care for our 97 year old step dad and it's given me peace of mind as they come in and assistance me when I'm getting ready for work and at work, because I live in the house with him.  Let's face it, it's really hard to find good home care help, but Mr. Jones goes above and beyond finding the right fit for your situation.  I would highly recommend Caring Givers for your love one to be able to stay home and get the care you can trust!
Catherine P.

Last call, but the best answer.

CaringGivers helped give our family hope with having our family member manage in his home.  Upon very debilitating issues, our family member started out in a nursing home, then moved to various levels of independent care and finally back to his home with 6 days of CaringGivers assisting him. CaringGivers was there to provide different levels of service through his journey over several years. Dee and his team were there to provide whatever the need! We ended service with Dee and his Team because our family member had gotten to the point where he was able to manage on his own with some family assistance. He went from 6 days of service down to 1 day. He went from assistance w/ everyday activities to just needing Dee to think through with him various strategies for managing his life. We are grateful to the CaringGivers for their commitment to assisting our family member and being flexible in working on the changing needs throughout the years. Thank you, Dee! We love you, appreciate you and know that if needed we can call on you and your team again!
Anita G.

CaringGivers were an answer to my prayers!

Finding Caring Givers was an answer to my prayers.  I work full time, but very much want to keep my 85 year-old mother (who has Alzheimer's) at home with me.  When I contacted Caring Givers, Demetrius shared his story of taking care of his dad, and assured me that he could help us.  What impressed me most initially was his desire to sit and meet with Mom and I in our home so that he could assess our needs in person.  We then talked at length about who would be a good fit for her and why.  Both caregivers we've worked with so far have been excellent.  And Demetrius continues to visit periodically to ensure the quality of service remains strong.  I really appreciate the level of thought and consideration Dee gives to matching clients to his staff of caregivers. And I think it's because he's walked in my shoes.
Kimberly J.

CaringGivers are more than caregivers, they're family!

The name of this organization says it all!  They are a group of people who  care and give.  My father was diagnosed with Parkinsons, congenital heart failure, and dementia.  Being his primary caregiver, mom was having a hard time doing it all on her own.  My brother and I couldn't be there enough becuase of our own family and work responsibilities.  We didn't want dad in a home! Dee and his team stepped in to help. The love and kindness they shared with not only my father but my mother as well made dad's final year much easier on all of us.  I felt confident that dad was attended, mom wasn't burning out and there was a trusted soul with him at home when we couldn't be. I still keep in touch with Loretta, dad's main caregiver, becuase we became that close and she became a part of our family! Thank you CaringGivers!
John D.

CaringGivers is God sent!

CaringGivers is the best! I was at a really low point in my life, CaringGivers saved me. I had been through numerous care givers for my 84 year old mom who suffers from moderate dementia. None of them lasted long. I was really about to be done when I reluctantly used care.com. I was really skeptical but felt led to reach out. Thank God that I did. Dee and his employee showed up for our meeting. He knew the exact type of person that I needed without me giving him much. She has been with us for almost 2 years. Always on time with a smile. She has been a God sent. She is caring, compassionate, attentive, punctual and reliable. I never ever worry leaving mom with her. Please run to Dee at CaringGivers if you need assistance. He will not disappoint!!!
Robin F

CaringGivers is more than reliable!

We have trusted our loved ones with Caring Givers several times over the past few years, and it has been a wonderful time for our son, as well as for us because we are so confident in their care. The price has never been unreasonable, and there has always been good communication.
John S.

CaringGivers definitely succeeds their name

I have trusted Caring Givers with our son, Kevin, since he left a nursing home, then from Assisted living to us bringing him to our home.  Mr. Dee and his staff have been more than just home aide but as their company name "Caring Givers" is what they have been.  They have helped Kevin to be a little more independent.  We get regular reviews and the staff always write a daily journal in Kevin's book.  They assist with his doctor's appointment whenever needed.  What impressed the most is when the staff is not available to work, Mr. Dee comes himself.  That is a sign of a great leader.  Care Givers brings sunshine to us.
Arthur L.

CaringGivers are the Care Givers that you want and need

Dee and Nakita took care of my MIL for the last 3 years of her life. They allowed my stubborn FIL to keep her at home, while we were living in a different state. They provided much needed social interactions for my in-laws and alerted us when she had acute events. They did housework, errands, took her to doctors appointments, and ensured that the doctors called us during or after appointments. They also visited her every time she was hospitalized. They were professional, caring, and handled my FIL's temper with grace. The rate was very reasonable, with a small increase during the 3 year period. Would definitely use them again when the need arises.
Xiaomang S

Mom loves Caring Givers!

Hello Demetrius, I wanted to let you know that Rose Williams has been praising Sylvia's work since her very first visit. She has been very happy with Sylvia's work ethic and has definitely raved about the results of her work. I did not want to let too much more time pass before making sure that you know that Sylvia's work is speaking for itself and my mother is pleased with her performance. Please let her know that her good work is appreciated. Thank you both so much for your efforts. GO TEAM ROSE!

Care Givers is more than Care Giving

Good Morning, Dee I had the privilege of meeting Carol on Friday, November 25, for the first time. She is compassionate, sensitive, and attentive to all of my father-in-law's needs and also to my mother-in-law, Inez. Carol does a beautiful job of establishing her own space when she is not imminently needed, but responding immediately when she perceives a need. There is nothing that goes on in the house for which she does not make her self available. I want Carol to be present during the Sears delivery because it was on Friday that I    learned that the Bailey's washer and dryer are quite old (about 15 years), and the dryer isn't working properly. Carol tackled the problem, went outside and discovered the bags stuffed into the outside dryer vent, removed them, and proceeded to examine the rest off the machine. I am confident that if she is present when Sears delivers, she will make sure that the installation of both appliances is done correctly. I found Carol to be an exemplary witness of what true Christian love and kindness means. As we go forward together as a family, I personally would like to see Carol continue to be the caregiver for my father-in-law and when he needs more assistance, I would like for Carol's hours to be expanded to provide that care. It is my mother-in-law's desire that Richard be kept at home as long as she is able to manage. I believe that continued assistance from Carol will be invaluable in helping to make that possible. Thank you for doing such an expert job in placing the right person in your clients home. Caring Givers is proving to be a blessing in the Bailey family's life, and Carol is a specific blessing in the Bailey home. Have a wonderful week and may God continue to bless your ministry (because that is precisely what it is). The Bailey Family
The Bailey's

Care for Dena Cummings - The Cummings Family: Dena, Betty (Mitchell), Connie, Daniel, Ralph & Randolph

Thank you for the assistance and service your agency provided to our mother, Dena Cummings, in her time of need.  The young ladies were very helpful and we wish you all the best. In September we celebrated our mother's 101st birthday with family and friends.  She is doing well. Please accept these key chains in appreciation of your kindness and care of our mother.  God bless you!
Dena Cummings

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