Surprising Ways D. C. Home Care Keeps You Healthy

Seniors who live at home alone in the D.C. area can benefit from a bit of extra assistance around the house. However, when clients begin partnering with our team at CaringGivers, they are often surprised at how consistent visits from our caregivers can result in increased health and happiness. No matter what the immediate need is that brings you to our home care in Washington, D.C., we know you’ll find even more benefits than you were expecting.

Here are just a few ways our services can keep you or your senior loved one healthy at home.


Home care services offer benefits like companionship and independence, which can keep you feeling healthy and happy

Lonely and isolated seniors are unhealthy seniors. Research proves time and time again that consistent socialization can decrease the risk of obesity, dementia, heart disease, and even extended illnesses. Our caregivers visiting on a regular basis provide a friendly face and engaging conversation with those we serve. Companionship translates to less anxiety, depression, and other physical health risks.


Some seniors worry that asking a caregiver into the home will mean they are less independent than they were before the extra help. In fact, having a caregiver in your home to provide assistance with tasks like dressing, bathing, or household chores can actually increase your own independence. Our caregivers do not do everything for the seniors we serve; instead, we offer the appropriate amount of assistance while still providing dignity and independence. Our clients gain extra energy to do things they love since we take a piece of chores or tasks that were a burden before.

Less Skin Breakdown and Pain

Seniors who live at home alone and have mobility challenges are at an increased risk for skin breakdown, rashes, and pain associated with wounds. When our caregivers come into the home, we assist with hygiene tasks that will help keep skin conditions healthy and intact.

Better Nutrition

Cooking for one is never easy and seniors who live at home alone can struggle with preparing meals made with fresh and healthy ingredients. Our CaringGivers team is there to assist with the meal preparation process, from grocery shopping to cooking to storing the leftovers. Our help can assure your senior loved one has access to nutritious meals that will not only help with appropriate weight goals, but will also keep complications that come with malnutrition at bay.

CaringGivers provides well-rounded services to seniors throughout the D.C. area. Our goal is to give individualized attention to the seniors we serve, all while keeping them feeling healthy and happy. We would love to learn more about you or your loved one. Call us today to tell us more about your situation.

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