Your Senior Gift Guide

If you’ve found yourself walking through store aisles or scrolling through online lists wondering what to get for your senior loved one this holiday season, you’re not alone! Many people find it difficult to pick out the perfect present for an older loved one for a variety of reasons. Maybe you aren’t sure what to buy your dad who has everything he needs or your mom who was recently diagnosed with dementia.

We’ve written a senior gift guide before (and still stand by all the great ideas in it), but we thought that you might want a few extra ideas to inspire you before you hit the mall or pull out your smartphone. Enjoy!

Bird Buddy

While you don’t necessarily need to purchase the Bird Buddy brand, you should look for a bird feeder with a camera and an app. Your loved one will get a kick out of seeing which neighborhood birds visit their feeder throughout the day, perhaps even coming up with stories about each one. Add a bird identification guide for your loved one’s local area and they’ll be set for an engaging and interactive winter season.

Cozy and Safe Slippers

The coziest winter day starts with some soft and cozy slippers. Purchase a fuzzy pair for your loved one, but be sure you are choosing a pair that is safe and won’t add to their fall risk. Grippers on the bottoms can be a great start (like these from Bombas) or you can find a pair that has a more stable and hard sole. Not sure what kind your loved one will be safest in? If they see a podiatrist, ask them for their recommendation.

Virtual Assistant

Depending on how tech-savvy your senior loved one is, or how willing they are to learn, a virtual assistant can be a wonderful gift they will love for years to come. Try a Google Home or an Amazon Alexa, starting off with just the basics before adding on any smart home features. Show

your loved one how to play their favorite music, ask the assistant to tell them a joke or trivia question, or set alarms for medication reminders. 

Subscription Service

If your loved one would enjoy some happy mail for the next 3-12 months, consider giving them a subscription. You can find subscription boxes for almost any interest nowadays, though chocolates, coffee, and flowers are always a good bet for someone who might be difficult to shop for.

Celebrity Greeting

Have you given someone a Cameo before? If not, your senior loved one might really enjoy one! Search for their favorite actor, musician, or other celebrity, and then watch their personalized greeting come through together.


We love this device designed just for older adults, in an attempt to consolidate a smartphone, desktop, and tablet. The GrandPad is a safe place for seniors to interact with family without worrying about spam or scams that target seniors. The device uses an encrypted network so you can rest assured your loved one isn’t going to fall victim to online scammers. 

Time Together

Perhaps the best gift is the gift of time together. Consider booking you and your loved one a craft workshop at a local pottery shop or a brunch at their favorite spot. Then, put your phones down and just enjoy your one-on-one time together.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours from all of us here at CaringGivers.

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