Your Senior Holiday Gift Guide

Are you writing your list and checking it twice? Giving, and receiving, a special and thoughtful gift is a lovely part of the holiday season. However, trying to choose a gift for someone you love can sometimes be awfully challenging. At CaringGivers, we have watched family members and friends struggle with what to buy the seniors in their lives. Fortunately, we have had some experience in this field and have picked a few of our favorite recommendations. Take a look and see if any of our gifts inspire you before you finish up your shopping.

Photo Albums
We love carefully curated photo albums to give to seniors of any age. Don’t try to cram every photo from the family photo bin into your gift album. Instead, choose your favorites or choose ones that are themed (Vacations make a great curated book). Then, scan your photos and use a program like Shutterfly or Artifact Uprising to create a lovely keepsake. These albums work well for any senior but can be especially fulfilling for older adults living with dementia.

A lovely curated photo album can be the perfect gift for your senior loved one.

Cozy Blanket
Who doesn’t like curling up under a cozy blanket to ride out the winter weather? A plush throw blanket can be the perfect gift for the senior in your life, and the cozy fabric can be quite calming for a senior living with anxiety.

Customized Quilt
Speaking of blankets, if you want to dazzle your loved one, create a legacy quilt. Companies like Vintage Giggles will create a quilt out of scraps of fabric you send to them. This is the perfect place to display a swatch from a wedding gown, favorite childhood outfits, or dress shirts from Grandpa.

Grocery Delivery
Practical gifts are sometimes the best ones, and heading out to grocery shop in the middle of winter is no fun for any senior. GIve a gift card for a local grocery delivery service or for three months of a service like Blue Apron or Sun Basket. (If your loved one isn’t a big cook, we can help – CaringGivers offers companion services that include meal preparation!)

Night (or Day) Out on the Town
Sometimes the most cherished gifts are the ones that are a shared experience. You and your loved one can enjoy making memories together by giving a day trip or night on the town. Take your loved one on a drive to look at holiday lights (don’t forget the festive music and a cup of hot chocolate), go to a favorite diner for lunch, or catch a performance at a local theater. Even better, plan one outing per month for the new year and write them down on a 2019 calendar. Wrap up the calendar and give that gift for the holiday season – an entire year of fun experiences to share together!

If you are worried your loved one isn’t getting the care or socialization they need, don’t wait until after the holidays to take care of it. Our team at CaringGivers is ready to develop a plan specifically tailored to the needs of your loved one (and of your family); call us today to hear more about how our services can support you while giving your loved one a better quality of life.


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