What Seniors Need to Know About the COVID-19 Vaccine

Last month, we all recognized that we have lived through a full year of uncertainty thanks to the COVID-19 global pandemic. It has been months of masking up, social distancing, washing our hands, and carefully following safety recommendations in order to keep ourselves and others healthy.

What a year, indeed.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel as people across the country are getting in line for their COVID-19 vaccine. Whether you’ve had yours or not, here are a few things you and your older loved one should know about the vaccine and what to do next.

Seniors Are Eligible for the Vaccine

First things first, let’s talk about eligibility. When the first vaccines first started being distributed, older adults living in senior communities were on the list for priority spots in the queue. However, now older adults (no matter where they live) are eligible to receive a vaccine.

Scheduling Vaccines Can Be Overwhelming

Unfortunately, one of the biggest hurdles for COVID-19 vaccinations has been the difficulty in setting up an appointment. Too few appointment slots mixed with a huge group of Americans seeking the shots have created a bottleneck in the scheduling process. To add to the challenge, many vaccination clinics are requiring online appointments, which can be frustrating for older adults who may not have a lot of online experience.

You can beat this hurdle by allowing the CaringGivers team to assist with the vaccination appointment process. Our team members are happy to take on that step in order to successfully schedule an appointment. Even better, we are here to assist with getting your loved one to and from each vaccination appointment.

Prepare for Any Side Effects

The COVID-19 vaccine, just like many other safe vaccines, has some potential side effects. Unfortunately, it is difficult to know whether you or your loved one will experience side effects as everyone appears to be different. However, you can prepare for any side effects before you receive the vaccine so that you are ready for any aches, pains, fever, or chills.

Before your vaccine, enlist the assistance of a CaringGivers team member to run out to grab the essentials: extra bottles of water, an over-the-counter pain reliever, and even a few ingredients to make homemade soup. Remember to schedule plenty of time to rest in the 24-48 hours after your vaccine as well.

Have Extra Help Just In Case

Just as you prepare for both doses of the vaccine by grabbing a few supplies, it is also wise to prepare by enlisting extra assistance for the days following your vaccination. The CaringGivers team of caregivers is not only available to assist clients to their vaccination appointment, but we are also readily available to give them the support they need in the 24-48 hours afterward. 

Our team is there to:

  • Monitor for any side effects
  • Take on household chores so the client can rest comfortably
  • Encourage hydration and healthy eating
  • Offering a reassuring presence and friendly face
  • Provide a helping hand with preparing nutritious foods or running errands
  • Assisting if the client experience any uncomfortable side effects
  • Keeping family members posted throughout the process

Contact our team today to learn more about how we can assist you or your loved one during their COVID-19 vaccination process. Here’s to healthy days ahead!

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