Emotional support

I cannot say enough great things about Caring Givers.  My aunt was diagnosed with Terminal cancer a year and a half ago.  Living in another city and trying to handle her situation remotely seemed impossible.  From the moment I contacted Caring Givers I felt like everything was completely under control.  My aunt was doing very well until last December and Dee called me and told me that I needed to come and be with her and that she needed full time care and hospice.  I am forever grateful.  He setup full time care for her in her last month and not only were they taking care of her but they also took care of me as watching someone so close to me go through the dying process was painfully hard.  Dee stopped by daily with anything we needed and even brought me dinner. Pam passed away peacefully in January and Dee and Nakita still check in on me almost daily to see how I am doing.  Caring Givers is not only incredibly competent at providing top level care but are also emotionally supportive and the most giving people I have ever met…I love these people so much.

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