Care Givers is more than Care Giving

Good Morning, Dee

I had the privilege of meeting Carol on Friday, November 25, for the first time. She is compassionate, sensitive, and attentive to all of my father-in-law’s needs and also to my mother-in-law, Inez. Carol does a beautiful job of establishing her own space when she is not imminently needed, but responding immediately when she perceives a need. There is nothing that goes on in the house for which she does not make her self available.

I want Carol to be present during the Sears delivery because it was on Friday that I    learned that the Bailey’s washer and dryer are quite old (about 15 years), and the dryer isn’t working properly. Carol tackled the problem, went outside and discovered the bags stuffed into the outside dryer vent, removed them, and proceeded to examine the rest off the machine. I am confident that if she is present when Sears delivers, she will make sure that the installation of both appliances is done correctly.

I found Carol to be an exemplary witness of what true Christian love and kindness means. As we go forward together as a family, I personally would like to see Carol continue to be the caregiver for my father-in-law and when he needs more assistance, I would like for Carol’s hours to be expanded to provide that care.

It is my mother-in-law’s desire that Richard be kept at home as long as she is able to manage. I believe that continued assistance from Carol will be invaluable in helping to make that possible.

Thank you for doing such an expert job in placing the right person in your clients home. Caring Givers is proving to be a blessing in the Bailey family’s life, and Carol is a specific blessing in the Bailey home.

Have a wonderful week and may God continue to bless your ministry (because that is precisely what it is).

The Bailey Family

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