Infection Control, Seniors, and Home Care

The coronavirus pandemic has put infection control practices at the forefront of daily life. However, for home care workers and other medical professionals around the globe, infection control has always been a part of every patient interaction and every shift. At CaringGivers, we are not only continuing with our infection control best practices during this uncertain time, but we are also implementing new ways to ensure our clients, our caregivers, and our community remain safe and healthy.

Infection Control and Seniors

Practicing safe infection control habits can help seniors living at home stay healthy, happy, and safe. Seniors can be especially vulnerable to bacterial and viral infections due to underlying medical conditions or a compromised immune system, which makes daily infection control habits even more crucial for older adults living at home alone.

infection control and home care
Infection control practices are especially important during the coronavirus pandemic

Seniors can empower themselves to create regular habits that reinforce infection control recommendations. For example, older adults can:

  • Wash their hands for at least 2o seconds using water and soap before preparing food, after using the bathroom, and upon returning home from being outside
  • Stay at home, instead of running out to the grocery store or to have dinner with friends, if they are feeling ill
  • Disinfect commonly touched surfaces throughout the home regularly
  • Tell family members, neighbors, or visitors to reschedule their visits if they are not feeling well

If a senior living at home is not able to independently take care of these infection control practices, CaringGivers staff members are happy to step in. Our team can provide cueing and assistance to ensure our clients are following infection control recommendations.

Coronavirus and CaringGivers Home Care

The coronavirus pandemic has been especially frightening for older adults. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 8 out of 10 deaths due to COVID-19 have been adults 65 and older. Most older adults are doing their best to stay at home and abide by shelter-in-place orders as well as infection control guidelines. Nonetheless, it can feel overwhelming, confusing, and downright scary for seniors at home alone.

At CaringGivers, we are doing our very best to keep our clients and caregivers safe. Not only are we abiding by infection control best practices, but we are also enhancing some of our precautions. Our caregivers and staff members are taking care to:

  • Wear masks in the client homes
  • Wear and safely dispose of gloves when applicable
  • Practice exceptional hand hygiene and assist our clients in practicing hand hygiene as well
  • Report if they are not feeling well, or if someone in their household is not feeling well, to our office prior to a shift
  • Report to our office if a client is experiencing symptoms like fever, cough, or shortness of breath

Our team is dedicated to keeping our clients safe during this time. We are also aware, even more than ever, that the consistent friendly visits from our team members are especially important to the seniors we serve. We are honored to be able to provide a smiling and reassuring presence to our clients every time we walk into their home.

Thank you for trusting us with the health of your loved one. We will get through this time as we always have: together.

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