Home Care for Veterans

All older adults are unique, each with their own aging experience and health considerations. However, there are certain groups of seniors who share similar diagnoses or experiences, and those groups often must take special precautions to ensure they receive specialized care and support. Veterans are one such group, and are often underserved.

According to the National Council on Aging, about 11 million older adults have served in the military, making the aging Veteran population a huge cohort group. To make matters more complicated, research shows that older Veterans are almost always in worse health than their peers who are the same age. There are multiple reasons for this, of course, including the stress that comes from serving, undiagnosed PTSD, and physical health conditions that were caused by years of service.

If your older loved one is a Veteran, it’s important to understand their unique challenges as well as how to get the services they need to stay healthy and independent at home for as long as possible. Home care is often an excellent option for senior Veterans who could benefit from additional support in the comfort of the familiar surroundings of their own home.

Veterans Assistance Benefits

Qualified Veterans can receive VA benefits that cover some home care services. These services include nonmedical home care visits from a homemaker who can help with tasks like dressing, grooming, eating, bathing, and toileting. Having access to these services can help to boost the older adult’s energy, as they might be exhausted after completing tasks like showering themselves or getting dressed.

Contact your VA benefits contact to see if your older loved one is eligible and to learn more about the program.

When VA Benefits Aren’t Enough

While VA benefits are helpful, they are not always enough to support an older adult in their home. For example, many older adults can benefit from additional home care services including companionship, transportation, and meal preparation.

At CaringGivers, our team of caregivers can assist with serving Veterans where there are some gaps. Our companionship services ensure the Veteran receives regular social check-ins and builds a meaningful relationship with their caregiver. This consistent friendly face can help to boost self-esteem, decrease loneliness, and offer one more way for someone to ensure they are feeling well.

Transportation services include not just getting the Veteran from one place to another, like follow-up medical appointments or other errands, but also assistance to and from the car and company during the visit. This can help family members be sure that their loved one is cared for and supported door-to-door.

Finally, meal preparation is an often overlooked service that can significantly affect senior health and wellness. Having a CaringGivers caregiver in the home to help with meal planning, grocery shopping, and meal preparation means the older adult has access to healthy and nutritious meals that support their wellness goals.

CaringGivers Supports Veterans

While any home care agency can certainly serve older Veterans, not every home care agency has extensive experience working with the Veteran population. At CaringGivers, we have been fortunate enough to have the honor of serving many Veterans throughout the DMV area. Our team understands the mental and physical health considerations that Veterans might experience, and they are ready to meet those challenges with personalized interventions customized for every client.

Ready to learn more about how CaringGivers can provide additional services that support your older Veteran? Contact us today for your free assessment.

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