Great asset for Care Givers

First let me introduce myself.  I am, Doris A. Hooks, retired Management Analyst from the U.S. Federal Government, Department of Education.  As a former federal employee, I have worked with Capitol Hill and the White House.  I have also received letters of accolades from several U.S. presidents.  However, this letter is about Demetrius Jones, who helped me as a client.  Mr. Jones is an excellent representative of Caring Givers.

I am writing this letter on behalf of Mr. Jones, because I think he is a great asset to Care Givers.  Mr. Jones expertise is one of a kind and attitude is exemplary.  I feel that you cannot find a better person than Mr. Jones as a caregiver.  He is patient, kind, courteous, considerate, informative, detailed, thorough, and knows how to assign priorities to his work.  I am extremely impressed by Mr. Jones as a caregiver.

Having said these things about Mr. Jones, I feel that he should be considered as a caregiver to your clients and given an opportunity to serve you.

Thank you Mr. Demetrius Jones for all you have done for me as a caregiver and I wish the best in life and in your future endeavors!

Sincerely and an extremely satisfied client of Mr. Demetrius Jones!


Doris A. Hooks

Federal Government Management Analyst, Retiree

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