Forever grateful

I was referred to CaringGivers by a member of the healthcare team that was treating my mom in rehab.  My first interaction with Dee, the owner of the company, was such a positive, reassuring and pleasant experience. At the time I truly felt that I had no help no insight on how to get quality help for my mom. I had other siblings who was there physically, but was not emotionally present in the situation. So all of the stress an maneuvering was done by me. The referral to CaringGivers has definitely relieved some of my stress. I have been able to continue to work full time. Dee and his team are awesome, they have taken my mom to numerous Doctors appointments. Have taken care of her in house as she continued to recover after being discharged from the rehab. I am ever so grateful. My mom is now doing well and remains in her home.
Thanks CaringGivers you are a life saver. I feel truly blessed.

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