CaringGivers are more than caregivers, they’re family!

The name of this organization says it all!  They are a group of people who  care and give.  My father was diagnosed with Parkinsons, congenital heart failure, and dementia.  Being his primary caregiver, mom was having a hard time doing it all on her own.  My brother and I couldn’t be there enough becuase of our own family and work responsibilities.  We didn’t want dad in a home! Dee and his team stepped in to help. The love and kindness they shared with not only my father but my mother as well made dad’s final year much easier on all of us.  I felt confident that dad was attended, mom wasn’t burning out and there was a trusted soul with him at home when we couldn’t be.

I still keep in touch with Loretta, dad’s main caregiver, becuase we became that close and she became a part of our family!

Thank you CaringGivers!

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