Home Care in Maryland: Is It Right for Me?

If you have ever wondered if investing in home care in Maryland is a wise decision for either you or your aging loved one, you aren’t alone. It can feel overwhelming and even confusing as you begin to navigate the resources available to seniors living at home alone (or with a partner). While the senior care industry has evolved in order to offer services not available even just a few decades ago, it can still be difficult to know what services to invest in and which to skip for now.

Home care in Maryland offers personalized assistance and visits for older adults who want to stay at home for as long as possible while still feeling healthy and happy. Take a look at this quick list and determine if you or your loved one can relate to each point; if you or your loved one fall in at least one of these categories, home care services are a wise investment for now and for the future.

You or Your Loved One Has Fallen in the Past 3 Months

home care in maryland
Home care services can help to prevent falls at home for many seniors

The Centers for Disease Control reports that at least 1 in 4 older adults will fall at home each year, and that number is widely thought to be quite conservative as most seniors do not report their falls to their loved ones or physicians. Falls can have catastrophic health consequences for older adults, and home care services can ensure more safety and emergency response at home.

You or Your Loved One Are Not Eating Well

Cooking for one for all three meals daily can become tiresome quickly. Unfortunately, many seniors at home end up relying on processed or fast food options instead of more nutritious options. Programs like the Maryland Senior Citizens Resources Meals on Wheels program is an excellent option to supplement one meal per day, though some seniors may need a bit of additional assistance. Home care services can include services like meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking, which takes the responsibility of healthy eating off of the older adult.

You or Your Loved One Have Been Discharged From the Hospital

A hospital or skilled nursing facility discharge to home, while exciting, can also be quite dangerous without the right supports set up. Experienced and friendly caregivers can provide the senior with hands-on assistance, encouragement, and monitoring to ensure the transition back home is a safe one.

You or Your Loved One Have a Diagnosis of Dementia

Seniors living with Alzheimer’s Disease and other types of dementia can be unsafe living at home alone due to cognitive decline, confusion, and poor judgment. Fortunately, they can live at home more safely with the extra assistance of a home care caregiver.

You or Your Loved One Have Expressed Feelings of Loneliness

Seniors living at home alone are at an increased risk for social isolation and the health conditions that are associated with it. The coronavirus pandemic has increased older adult loneliness, which makes it wise to invest in a friendly consistent visit from an in home caregiver.

Choosing Home Care in Maryland

Home care services are important ones that can keep older adults living at home for longer while feeling safe, comfortable, and happy. At CaringGivers, we are committed to providing exceptional home care services to support seniors and their family caregivers. Let us give that extra bit of assistance and friendly visit that will keep your loved one healthy at home.
Call us today to learn more about our services and to tell us more about your situation. We will develop a personalized plan just for you.

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