Home Care and Medication Reminders

When you think of home care services, you might think of caregivers stopping by to provide companionship, personal care assistance, and meal preparation. Of course, all of these services are important home care services, but perhaps one of the most overlooked services provided by caregivers is medication reminders. Here’s what you need to know about how home care and medication reminders can prevent dangerous errors.

Seniors and Medication Errors

Many older adults are at a very high risk of experiencing a medication error or an adverse drug event, or ADE. In fact, adults over the age of 65 are nearly 7 times more at risk for an adverse drug event than their younger counterparts. Medication errors can lead to unplanned hospitalizations, illness, and even death.

Older adults are at such a high risk for medication errors for a variety of reasons. First, most seniors take more than 4 medications; the more medications that are taken, the higher the risk of an error. Next, seniors often take medications at different doses and at different times of the day. This can end up being overwhelming for anyone to manage, but when you add in cognitive decline, the danger only increases. Finally, seniors also take medications and supplements that often interact with one another, causing unforeseen side effects or complications.

If your loved one takes multiple medications, you might already be wondering if they are sticking to their schedule. It’s common for seniors to skip a dose here and there or even double up on a dose due to scheduling confusion. However, skipping or doubling a dose can have serious complications, including hospitalization.

Most family members turn to the traditional pillbox as a potential solution for medication frustration. However, this does require a family member to stop by weekly to refill the box and check for any medications that are still left in their daily spot. There’s a better way: home care.

Home Care Solutions

Home care services offered here at CaringGivers include medication reminders. Our team members get to know those we serve, including their medication schedules. This means we are paying attention to the clock so we know when to verbally remind our clients to take their medications and to give the cues they need to take the correct pill at the correct dose at the correct time. We are also there to observe for any side effects or unusual symptoms throughout our shifts, helping us to communicate any concerns to loved ones so they can take them to the pharmacist or physician for follow-up care.

Medication reminders aren’t just for the senior living with cognitive decline. Medication reminders are also helpful for older adults who are overwhelmed with their medication regimen or who are too busy to slow down for their daily pills. Our caregivers are ready to help, no matter the situation.

Contact our team today to learn more about medication reminders as well as our other available services.

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