Connection and New Learning at Every Age

Every year, the Administration on Aging gives us all a reason to celebrate seniors in our lives, our families, and our communities. Older Americans Month reminds us that you can always make decisions and find solutions that allow you to be healthy and happy – at any age. The theme for the May 2018 celebration is Engage at Every Age, and the team at CaringGivers is fortunate enough to see it in action daily during our time with the seniors we serve.

Engage at Every Age aims to remind everyone that you are never too old to take part in activities that make you feel great. Whether it is participating in a physical activity, a new learning opportunity, or something that boosts your spirituality, we all find connection in participating.

You can increase your health by connecting with others

Participation and Seniors
Unfortunately, some seniors have challenges that keep them from participating in enriching activities. Older adults who live with chronic pain or with complex medical conditions are less likely to connect with friends outside of the home, and those seniors who no longer drive are confined to home which could make them feel lonely or depressed.

The CaringGivers Connection
Thankfully, even when a senior is living with a complex medical condition or another situation that keeps them at home more than out an about, it just takes a bit of help to open up a new world of opportunities. In home care offered by the experienced team at CaringGivers is much more than helping out with meal preparation or providing assistance during morning care, though those services are crucial to the health of the seniors we serve.

Every CaringGivers visit builds a relationship of trust and friendship between the caregiver and senior. Through this relationship, we are able to give seniors we serve the confidence to join us to try something new. We can provide transportation to get a client to the Bible Study group she loved for years. We can play a hand of cards before we make dinner together. We can share a laugh while trying a few new chair yoga poses together.

At CaringGivers, we encourage our seniors to engage and to live well. Are you ready to talk about how we can help you or your aging loved one live a life full of connection, joy, and new opportunities? Give us a call to tell us more about your situation; we can’t wait to meet your family!

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